With spring comes the promise of renewal and rejuvenation. And there are few better ways to rejuvenate your home than with a spring cleaning.


  • Pull out your fridge and oven (if possible) to clean underneath and behind them.
  • Throw out any fridge or pantry items past their freshness and drop peels of overripe fruit into your garbage disposal for a clean, citrus scent.
  • Clean the oven, microwave, stove top, refrigerator, and other appliances — inside and out.
  • Clear out and wash cabinets, drawers, and pantry shelves.
  • Sanitise the sink, drain, and handles on cabinets and appliances.


  • Clean out and wash cabinets, drawers, and closet shelves.
  • Use your toothbrush to get into tiny crevices and replace it with a fresh one for your teeth.
  • Clean and disinfect the sink, faucet, countertops, and toilet.
  • Scrub showers and baths from floor to ceiling.
  • Wash shower doors and curtains.


  • Wash or dry clean bed linens, blankets, comforters, and duvets.
  • Organize drawers, closets, and wardrobes.
  • Rotate or flip your mattress for more evenly distributed wear.

Every room in the house

  • Clean windows and hardware.
  • Vacuum carpets, area rugs, curtains.
  • Dust corners, ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds, furniture, shelves, and decor.
  • Sweep and mop hardwood and tile floors.
  • Clean door panels, hardware, and glass, as well as screens.
  • Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet hardware, light switches, and other high-use handles.