Vetted Domestic Cleaners Northampton

Looking for vetted domestic cleaners in Northampton or the surrounding areas? You’re in the right place.

All the cleaners we work with have to pass the cleaning vetting procedure, so you can be rest assured your cleaner will be experienced and fully trained.

All of our vetted, domestic cleaners must follow these procedures:

  • 1. Provide two references

    A candidate’s references from their previous employments must show experience and ability to clean in a domestic environment. We go to great lengths to ensure that references are true and accurate.

  • 2. Provide proof of identification

    This must include a passport, driving licence and a birth certificate, as well as proof of address.

  • 3. Be able to work in the UK

    We are very strict in regards to right to work in the UK, both for the protection of our clients, the company and our reputation. will not hire anyone who is not legally allowed to work in the UK.

  • 4. Pass an interview

    Our HR Team has 20+ years of experience in interviewing cleaners.

  • 5. Pass an english test

    The English test is very carefully designed to ensure that the potential cleaner has the necessary level of English to freely and easily communicate with customers.